The 15 Most-Scenic Bike Trails in America

Your Peloton’s got nothing on these bike trails across the country that feature majestic mountains, tropical beaches, fall foliage, and most importantly, freedom from the four walls you’ve been staring at for months.

Americans are getting back in the saddle—the bike saddle, that is. They’re retrieving mountain bikes and beach cruisers from the garage, folding numbers and fixies from the closet, and vintage 10-speeds from their parents’ house to take part in the pedal-powered pastime, one of a few that can be done socially and safely in every state while still following government quarantine guidelines. And if they didn’t have a set of wheels already, they’re buying them. According to the market research company, The NPD Group, U.S. cycling sales topped $1 billion for the first time in April 2020 and were up 63 percent in June compared to the same time last year. Alex Strickland, the spokesman for Adventure Cycling Association, credits the surge in the sport to an overwhelming need to feel free in isolated and anxious times. “We’re all looking for that feeling of self-determined travel and need to remember that the world is wide open and wonderful,” he says. “Cycling isn’t a cure for COVID-19, but it’s an antidote to so many of the challenges related to it. It’s socially distant, healthy, and a way to safely expand the bubbles we’re living in.” Simply put, bike rides are good for the soul (cycle), especially pretty ones. Because even in a pandemic, we’ve got standards and ain’t nobody got time to waste on mediocre scenery. Instead brake for the bucolic splendor, animal crossings, and history lessons found on the following 15 U.S. bike trails.

Drive-Thru Halloween: 10 Haunted Attractions That Are Adapting Their Scares for the COVID-19 Era

Even coronavirus can’t cancel Halloween…entirely.

Halloween is going to look very different this year. No crowded parties where you try to explain your costume over the sound of Thriller blaring from the speakers. Pumpkin carving sessions held over Zoom. And what is trick-or-treating but a perfectly calibrated super-spreader event? But that doesn’t mean one favorite tradition—haunted attractions—are entirely off the table. While some famous haunts, like Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm, are shuttering their creaking doors for the 2020 season, some attractions are pivoting to coronavirus-compliant formats. Across the country, haunted mainstays and new attractions alike are finding new ways to ensure that you still can still (safely!) have a scary good time this fall. Whether it’s with contactless drive-thru experiences, live-streaming events online, or taking every precaution possible, these 10 haunted attractions will be keeping the (socially distanced) thrills and chills coming.

Should You Take a Flight to Nowhere?

A travel fix for those missing the clouds, flights to nowhere take off and land at the same destination. But they are being criticized for being environmentally irresponsible.

The “Outlander” Guide to Scotland

The hit TV show features an array of stunning locations across the country.

Since it first hit television screens in 2014, Outlander has become one of TV’s biggest dramas. Based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon and set in 18th-century Scotland, the series has been consistently inspired by and filmed in locations across the country, from the suburbs of Edinburgh to the remote Western Isles. From prehistoric stone circles to medieval castles to majestic palaces, here is a selection of top Outlander locations for anyone looking to recreate the show’s magic (the ability to time travel not guaranteed).

10 Documentaries Thatll Take You Around the World

Explore the streets of Istanbul, scale Patagonian peaks, and surf the waves of Bali without leaving your living room.

Has the transportive quality of film ever been more necessary? In a time when we can only dream of international travel, why not make those dreams more immersive with the true stories of the people that make the places we long to visit so special. These documentaries will take you to the heart of some of the most incredible places in the world.

The Grossest Things You Need Know About Van Life

Is living in a van down by the river all that it’s cracked up to be?

More travelers than ever are deciding to hit the road and sleep in their car rather than spend money on a hotel room. But saving a few bucks comes with a catch! Despite what you see on Instagram, living in a van isn’t all sunsets and bikinis. Some parts about #vanlife are straight up gross! Before selling all your stuff and moving into a van, you might want to take some of these things into consideration. Because there’s nothing like waking up in the middle of nowhere with ticks crawling across your body.

10 Countries That Want You to Temporarily Move to Them

Where in the world will you work next?

If there’s an ideal time to work abroad, it’s now, thanks to the thousands of companies asking their employees to work remotely. Stanford University economist Nicholas Bloom reports that around 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full time. A home office can be comfortable, but wouldn’t it be a lot rosier to work on a beach in Barbados or a quaint site amongst the old-growth forests of Estonia? Countries around the world have the dual goals of bringing in tourism dollars lost during the pandemic and opening their doors wider, inviting remote workers interested in setting up shop outside their hometown. Many of these regions are experiencing little to no coronavirus outbreaks as well, making them even more alluring to Americans in states still battling the deadly pandemic. Working in a different country isn’t a new tactic for many Americans, but countries such as Bermuda and Georgia have recently loosened their visa restrictions to further attract a new batch of “digital nomads.” We’re taking a look at the new working visa guidelines introduced by several countries, some destinations on the cusp of widening their immigration doors, and a handful of regions that have long been enticing remote workers.