Drink Like a Local With These 10 Beers From Around the World

“Prost!” “Salud!” “Sláinte!” “Na Zdravi!”

These days, we understand that beer can be just as interesting, nuanced, and complex as wine. Most of these beers tend to be made by small, craft breweries that don’t necessarily have the reach that their larger counterparts do. And, while it might not always be the most fashionable, sometimes it’s the beer that you’ll find in every watering hole that can grant you the most insight into a new place.

What’s a Pizza Farm?

Whatever it is, Wisconsin's got plenty of them.

Contrary to the name, these farms do not pluck pizzas out of their fields. But they do serve up pies fresh out of a wood-burning oven and topped with what’s grown or harvested on the farm, such as mushrooms or sausage, and a tomato-rich sauce. Some even go further by topping with farmstead cheese or growing their own grains to make the dough. What’s not on-site is sourced locally. Remember the 100-mile diet? This is basically it, although seriously shrunk in its footprint. Pack a blanket or comfy folding chairs and head out to these farms. Just know that the trend is so—pardon the pun—piping hot that pre-orders are encouraged because pizzas do run out. This only means that your pizza is in the bag, totally guaranteed.

14 Can’t-Miss Dolly Parton Landmarks

You’re not a true fan of the Queen of Country Music until you’ve seen these Music City landmarks where she made her name.

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard of Dolly Parton, the country music legend and movie star who has her own theme park, and who, through her Imagination Library, has donated over 100 million books to kids in five countries. Though Dolly is from the Great Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, she made her name in Nashville. Here are the important Dolly Parton landmarks in Music City you can still visit—or at least see from the outside.

10 Netflix Originals to Take You Around the World

These movies will help fill your travel void.

There are now over 1,500 Netflix original titles, a fraction of which are travel movies, and a fraction of that fraction of which are good (when you put out that many originals it’s inevitable that they all won’t be Oscar winners). But good-shmood and ratings aside, the real reason we tune into a travel movie is not for clever dialogue or an engaging plot—no, what we’re here for is, simply, something pretty. Show me a waterfall I haven’t seen before and one excursion and you’ve pretty much checked all the boxes. To help you get through another season of quarantine, we searched through Netflix and took their algorithm on head first to find 10 of the platforms’ most popular travel movies. So, prepare to “leave” your apartment with a Mai Thai in one hand and remote in the other, we’re queuing up these 10 Netflix original travel movies.

20 Things You Need to Know Before You Rent an RV

RVs are the perfect way to travel during a global pandemic—here’s everything you need to know to make your trip a successful one.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to turn vacation plans to Swiss cheese, many travelers are eager to go on an adventure that still feels safe and responsible. “Go camping!,” seems to be the vacation rally cry of 2020, but what if sleeping in a tent sounds to you like the seventh circle of Hell? Or what if you just want to try something fun and unique after spending the last six months on your couch? The answer you’re looking for might be a recreational vehicle—more commonly known as an RV. It’s a cross between a bus and a hotel room, and it can give you the flexibility to road trip without putting yourself or others at risk. Here’s everything you need to know to make your RV trip a vacation to remember. Need inspiration for the perfect road trip? Check out Fodor’s Best Road Trips in America.