About Us! 

ThinkBig Global Travel Services was established in 2018 by Willis and Sheronda Solomon as a result of their love for traveling.

ThinkBig Global Travel Services is a full-service Chic Boutique Travel Agency that curates highly-immersive travel vacations filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.

ThinkBig Global Travel Services passion is to create the world’s most elevated travel experiences by connecting our clients to their surroundings through couture design, exceptionally tailored client planning, immersive, and singular cultural experiences. 

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. ThinkBig Global Travel Services will be there to respond to our clients every need. From the moment our clients start the planning process with ThinkBig Global Travel Services, until their safe return home. We look forward to helping our clients experience new destinations and making there next vacation the trip of a Lifetime!

Start enjoying your time off and let us do the planning. Contact ThinkBig Global Travel Services today to experience the most unique opportunities in the world to make your Dreams Come True!

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