Most Interesting Hiking Trails Worldwide

A profound sense of reflection and introspection accompanies a long-distance hike on a wilderness trail. The opportunity to immerse oneself in mile after mile of nature invokes a feeling of solitude that envelopes the hiker. Time seems to gain a new, different dimension as it seemingly slows down, granting the hiker not only a chance for internal review but to challenge both mind and body with the effort.

  • Te Araro Trail

    Te Araro Trail

    The Te Araro Trail, meaning “Long Pathway,” is a 1,864-mile path in New Zealand. Starting in Cape Reinga on the North Island to Bluff on the South Island, this trail goes through beaches, forests, mountains, rivers, urban areas, and volcanic areas. It is broken up into 160 segments, with varied skill levels required, so that travelers can choose the section they’d like to complete—or even perhaps the whole thing for hearty adventurers.

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  • Tour du Mont Blanc

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    This long-distance trail can be completed in 10-12 days. It spans 105 miles across the mountainous regions of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Mountain passes such as the Col de Balme and Col du Bonhomme offer amazing views of snow-capped peaks. Small towns and villages are also appreciated along the way as cozy stops from the chill air.

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  • Pacific Crest Trail

    Pacific Crest Trail

    The Pacific Crest Trail is an astounding 2,650 miles long. It travels through some of the most extreme wilderness in the continental US, and can take up to five or six months to complete. The trail begins in Southern California at the Mexican border and winds its way up just past the Canadian border. The scenery changes dramatically along the way, from drier deserts to rain forest, to alpine lakes and granite peaks.

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  • Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    Leading to the foot of the highest peak in the world, the Everest Base Camp Trek is for those looking to experience the Himalayas without the dangerous trek up the epic peak. Towering mountains surround the path as the hiker will come by many local villages and towns in the Himalayas. These include an ancient Buddhist monastery in Tengboche, local teahouses to stop for warm libations, and the bustling trade center of the Namche Bazaar.

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  • Overland Track

    Overland Track

    This multi-day hike runs 40 miles through Tasmanian wilderness in Australia. Starting in Ronny Creek near Cradle Mountain and ending at the deepest natural freshwater like in Australia, Lake St. Clair. With flowers and flora to view, there is a sense of pure wildness in this area. Add in possible sightings of wombats, wallabies, platypuses, and many types of birds, and the traveler gets to experience the best of Tasmania and its wildlife.

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  • Franconia Ridge

    Franconia Ridge

    Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Franconia Ridge is a great way to hike the ridge at the top of the mountains. It stretches over 8 miles, across three peaks in the White Mountains: Mount Lafayette, Mount Lincoln, and Little Haystack. The maximum height it reaches is 5,260, and the entire trail offers unobstructed views of the surrounding area of lakes, valleys, and wilderness.

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  • Sierra High Route

    Sierra High Route

    The Sierra High Route traverses land that creates quite a tough route. This route is an off-trail adventure that spans 195 miles in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, from Kings Canyon National Park to Twin Lakes. A rugged journey, it passes through the legendary areas of Sequoia-Kings Canyon Park and Yosemite National Park. Towering Sequoia trees accentuate the peaks and valleys along the way.

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  • Dosewallips Trail

    Dosewallips Trail

    The Dosewallips Trail goes through the Olympic National Park in Washington State. Lush forests and cascading waterfalls are in plain view and a great place to take a rest from the journey. The Dosewallips River’s clear water provides a beautiful break from the dense nature. For the more adventurous, the trail continues into mountain paths and other trails (Lost Pass Trail and Quinalt Loop).

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  • Long Range Traverse

    Long Range Traverse

    This natural path is a rugged and unmarked traverse of the beauty of Newfoundland, Canada. Primarily running through Gros Morne National Park, the dramatic Long Range Mountains are in full splendor. Being an unmarked trail, the pristine nature of valleys, tundra, bogs, rugged mountain passes, and mountaintop views to bask in. It spans about 22 miles and ends at Gros Morne Mountain, a perfect chance to view fjords, coastal cliffs, and endless wilderness in every direction.

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